All-Inside ACL Reconstruction

The most common way of having an ACL reconstruction in Singapore involves sacrificing two tendons from one’s inner thigh to replace the torn ACL. The new ACL is secured into holes drilled into the bones in the knee and fixed in place. The excess tendons are then discarded at the end of the operation.

The All-Inside ACL reconstruction technique allows the surgeon to use just one tendon, hence reducing the number of tendons sacrificed to create the new ACL and reducing wastage.

This technique also allows the surgeon to use smaller incisions, which are less visible, resulting in less post-surgical skin numbness over the shin. Specialized surgical instruments also reduce the amount of bone drilled during surgery, thus reducing bone loss as well as post-surgical pain.

This way the new ACL is fixed in the bone has also been shown to improve the quality of the fixation of the new ACL into the bone.


“I prefer this new technique of All-inside ACL reconstruction because of the many advantages it has over the traditional techniques. With this technique, I can get better results with a lesser physical cost to my patients”.


Using this technique, Dr Bernard Lee can preserve more of his patient’s original tendons and bone, as well as to provide a better and less painful surgical experience for his patients. Dr Lee also teaches this procedure to surgeons regularly in the Asia-Pacific region.

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