Cartilage Ulcers

Causes  |  Symptoms  |  Treatment Options

What Are Cartilage Ulcers?

Cartilage is the smooth covering over the joints which allow two bones to glide over each other with friction or wear and tear. Cartilage ulcers occur when the cartilage is damaged, resulting in the underlying bone being exposed.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cartilage Ulcers?

Patients with cartilage ulcers may feel grinding or clicking sensations in the knee when moving the knee. When the underlying bone is exposed, damage to the bone may result in pain in that area of the knee.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Cartilage Ulcers?

Small or mild ulcers may be adequately treated with physiotherapy, activity modification or medication.

As most ulcers do not heal well by themselves, surgery is often required to repair the cartilage in patients whose symptoms persist or are more severe.