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What Is A Knock-Knee?

Knock-Knee is a physical appearance where both knees touch each other, and the feet cannot be placed side by side when standing straight.

This is usually developmental from when one is growing up, although it may also occur after significant damage to the knee or meniscus (shock absorber).

What Are The Symptoms Of Knock-Knee?

Knock-knees in themselves are not symptomatic. However, should one develop damage to the meniscus, cartilage or bone due to overloading of the outer side of the knee, then symptoms of pain and swelling may appear.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Knock-Knee?

Patients with significant pain and swelling will need to be assessed for underlying damage to the meniscus, cartilage and bone.

Repair of these tissues in the young individual is possible, but a surgical realignment of the bone to straighten the limb will be necessary to protect the knee from a repeat injury in the future.

Older patients with associated osteoarthritis may benefit from a joint replacement to help resolve the symptoms and to realign the limb.