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We value the opinion and experiences of our patients. At SportsIn Orthopaedic Clinic, our orthopaedic doctors and medical team strive to ensure that our patients are cared for to the best of our ability. Let us know what we can do to make your journey with us a more seamless one.

I’ve had multiple knee surgeries done by Dr Lee for different conditions. From pre-operative consults to the surgery and during my rehabilitation post-surgery, Dr Lee was caring and patient, going the extra mile to ensure my recovery went well by

Shannon Gan
I cannot thank Dr Bernard Lee Chee Siang and staff at Gleneagles and Farrer Park clinics enough for helping me walk again. Tore my hamstring grade 3 complete avulsion at badminton. Sought 3 orthopedic opinions and Dr Lee was the

Jeremy Liang

I went to see Dr Bernard Lee Chee Siang regarding an ACJ dislocation (shoulder). He was very knowledgeable & transparent in explaining the issue and the possible solutions. I have confidence in him and will recommend him.

Sebastien Bruggeman
Went to see Dr Bernard Lee Chee Siang for my husband’s shoulder separation or acromioclavicular joint dislocation. He has an excellent bedside manner and was incredibly patient in explaining everything to us. He was very knowledgeable and was able to

Desiree Tung

They have been our partner for a long time and we would love to acknowledge them and their splendid work.

FCphysio Staff

Had rotator cuff repair. Very detailed explanation and patient surgeon. Excellent nursing staff. Post surgical explanation very detailed and good post op medications , minimal pain.

Jeanny Gunawan

Very nice doctor, I warmly recommend

Odile Diker
Today marks the one year anniversary of the multiple hamstring tendons re-attachment surgery performed by Dr Bernard Lee Chee Siang (assisted by another surgeon). The tendons’ rupture deteriorated from early running injuries and I am delighted to be back running

Arnaud de Herrypon
Dr Bernard Lee is an absolutely amazing doctor. He is patient and very elaborate. He tells you everything he sees and gives you the best option to move forward. It was one of the best doctor experiences I’ve had. The

Kuna Sheelan
I would highly recommend Dr Bernard Lee! He did my husband’s elbow surgery and we felt from the start that we were in the best of hands. Dr Lee is meticulous and thorough. The surgery went well and the post-op

Cheryl Julia Lee
I first saw Dr Bernard Lee in April 2022 for my severe shoulder pain. Dr Lee diagnosed ( from MRI & physical exam) it as full thickness tendon tear on my rotator cuff & fissure on my bicep tendon. He

Alan Tan

Dr Bernard is a great surgeon. He was very supportive and empathetic throughout the journey pre and post. Great advice, supportive and very concise. Highly recommend

Emma Richards
Dr Bernard Lee and his team has been incredibly patient and hospitable during the short period of medical care for my dad’s toe injury. Despite the wound not healing as he had expected, their attentiveness, coupled with their expertise, contributed

Theresa Ng
Dr Bernard Lee is a brilliant surgeon. Not only is he technically accomplished but he was empathetic and thorough in his handling of this case. He carefully checked everything before proceeding and clearly explained the risks in a manner that

Graham Matthews
Went to visit Dr. Bernard Lee Chee Siang as I had been having terrible knee pain and was getting misleading diagnosis from a bunch of other places and physios. I am so glad I went to him as he at

Nitish Nautiyal
Dr Bernard Lee Chee Siang has been a caring, warm and professional specialist. Our relationship went 2 years back when he had operated on my arm and healing process had been great. Am glad he has treated my son’s leg

Eugene Tian
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