Reconstruction after Complex Elbow Trauma

Dr Bernard Lee is a fellowship-trained elbow surgeon who has vast experience managing such severe injuries during his time as Director of the Shoulder & Elbow and Sports Service at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

Traditional treatment of complex elbow trauma often resulted in painful and unstable elbows with poor flexibility. Dr Lee utilises modern methods of fixation and soft tissue reconstruction to address the bone and ligament injuries. With a comprehensive approach, he is able to maximise bone healing, elbow stability and function after surgery.

With stable fixation and reconstruction, early mobilisation of the elbow joint is possible and helps prevent long-term problems of elbow stiffness and pain. In very severe injuries where the joint is not reconstructible, Dr Bernard Lee can replace part of or the entire elbow joint in order to restore function to the elbow.


“With modern, comprehensive techniques and a good rehabilitation protocol, it is possible to get good results from severe injuries.”