Shoulder Joint Preservation Surgery

Shoulder joint replacements provide excellent pain relief and restoration of function for severe arthritis, complex fractures and irreparable rotator cuff tears of the shoulder. Such artificial joints do carry some long-term problems.

Dr Bernard Lee believes that while shoulder joint replacement is a proper and reliable procedure, this should be avoided where possible in order to reduce the chance of developing problems in the future.

Depending on the problem, preserving the joint involves different procedures. Complex fractures may be fixed with good results using modern techniques instead of shoulder replacements. Irreparable rotator cuff tears resulting in severe pain and impaired function may be amenable to treatment with subacromial balloons, partial rotator cuff repairs and superior capsule reconstruction.

Dr Lee is able to advise each patient and customise the best, appropriate treatment for each unique individual in order to get the best results while at the same time ensuring the longevity of the shoulder.