Shoulder Reconstruction after Shoulder Fractures and Injuries

Dr Bernard Lee was previously Director of the Shoulder & Elbow and Sports Services at Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. During his time in public service, he provided senior coverage for complex shoulder trauma. Dr Lee believes that a deeper understanding of the shoulder joint and complex injuries affecting the joint is essential in determining how to best manage such injuries.

Traumatic injuries to the shoulder can result in fractures of the collarbone, arm bone and shoulder blade, as well as ligament injuries which can result in dislocations of the main shoulder joint as well as the collar-bone joint.

Traditional methods of treating these injuries may get decent outcomes, but Dr Lee believes that it is possible for each patient to do better and to have less long-term problems.

As a trained, specialized shoulder surgeon, Dr Lee uses both keyhole and open surgical fixation and reconstruction techniques to get the best outcomes from bad shoulder injuries.