Snapping Hip

Causes  |  Symptoms  |  Treatment Options

What Is Snapping Hip?

There are two primary forms of snapping hip. External snapping hip occurs when an iliotibial band, which passes over the outer side of one’s hip and thigh, snaps over the bony prominence on the side of the hip.

Internal snapping hip usually occurs when the psoas tendon snaps over the front part of one’s pelvic bone.

What Are The Symptoms Of Snapping Hip?

One might experience pain and a jumping or snapping sensation as the affected tendon slides and snaps over the bony prominence. This may give rise to pain and discomfort with running and climbing stairs.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Snapping Hip?

Rest and physiotherapy to stretch out the tight tendons and bands can help reduce the pain and snapping. In persistent cases, cortisone steroid injections or surgery may be recommended by our doctors.