Many patients with severe knee pain from knee osteoarthritis are faced with the prospect of a total knee replacement. Fortunately, some patients may be able to reduce their pain and improve their function with a new procedure called Subchondroplasty.

Subchondroplasty involves injecting a bone substitute into painful, damaged parts of an arthritic knee. This has been shown to reduce knee pain and improve knee function significantly.

70% of patients who underwent subchondroplasty avoided a total knee replacement for two years or more.


“Subchondroplasty may help some patients relieve their knee pain avoid a total knee replacement.”


Dr Bernard Lee is one of three pioneer surgeons in Singapore who has been trained to perform this procedure. In appropriate patients, subchondroplasty is a viable, low-risk option for patients with knee osteoarthritis, and may help avoid the need for a total knee replacement.

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