Tendon Tears / Tendinopathy

Causes  |  Symptoms  |  Treatment Options

What Are Tendon Tears / Tendinopathy?

Tendons are the end portions of muscles that connect to the bone. Tendons may get damaged from overuse, repetitive stress, or sudden strains and sprains.

The common hip tendinopathies include those of the hip abductors (gluteus medius) and the hip flexors (psoas).

What Are The Symptoms Of Tendon Tears / Tendinopathy?

One may experience pain on moving the hip, particularly over the outer or inner sides of the hip.

What Are The Treatment Options Available For Tendon Tears / Tendinopathy?

Most tendinopathies heal well with rest and physiotherapy. Occasionally cortisone steroid injections may help. In some cases, our doctors may recommend surgery.